Corporate Information

Corporate Profile

Corporate name DAIICHIKOSHO CO., LTD.
Location 5-5-26 Kitashinagawa,
Shinagawa City,
Tokyo 141-8701 Japan
Telephone +81-3-3280-2151 (Main)
Established April 16, 1973
Capital 12,350 million yen
Listed stock market First Section,
Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.
(Securities code: 7458)
Number of employees 1,775 company employees
3,348 group employees
(As of the end of March 2017)
Business Description

Commercial karaoke business
Sales and rental of commercial karaoke systems and the offering of music and video for online karaoke

Karaoke room and restaurant business
Management of karaoke rooms "BIG ECHO" and restaurants

Music software business
Production and distribution of music and video software

Other businesses
BGM broadcast service Web service Real estate leasing business other.

Corporate Profile(PDF)

*Formerly, DAIICHIKOSHO had a privately managed business known as HOSHI SHOTEN. It was founded in March 1971 in Chofu City, Tokyo, as a distributor of audio equipment. The business expanded substantially, and in February 1976, we took over an inactive company called NITTO INC. (founded in April 1973), and changed the business objectives and the name to DAIICHIKOSHO CO., LTD., and began business as a corporation.


As of Aug 1, 2017

Honorary ChairmanTadahiko Hoshi
Corporate CounselorSaburo Hayashi
PresidentTadahiro Hoshi
Senior Managing Director
and Senior Corporate Officer
Kenichi Nemoto
Senior Managing Director
and Senior Corporate Officer
Yasutaka Wada
Senior Managing Director
and Senior Corporate Officer
Tatsuya Kumagai
Senior Managing Director
and Senior Corporate Officer
Hiroshi Mitomi
Senior Managing Director
and Senior Corporate Officer
Yuichi Murai
Director and Senior Corporate OfficerYasuhito Watanabe
Director and Senior Corporate OfficerNoriyuki Takehana
Director and Senior Corporate OfficerKenji Otsuka
Director (Part-time)Katsuhiko Baba
Director (Outside)Atsuya Furuta
Director (Outside)Chika Masuda
Corporate Auditor (Standing, Outside)Michitoshi Tsuruoka
Corporate Auditor (Standing, Outside)Nobuaki Otsuka
Corporate Auditor (Standing)Nobuyuki Takase
Corporate Auditor (Outside)Masumi Arichika
Senior Corporate OfficerHiroshi Kunitsu
Senior Corporate OfficerTakeshi Iijima
Senior Corporate OfficerHarutoshi Hoshi
Corporate OfficerHisahiro Ogura
Corporate OfficerOsamu Arima
Corporate OfficerKeisuke Tozuka
Corporate OfficerTakeshi Sekizawa
Corporate OfficerKenji Suda