Feb. 1971
HOSHI SHOTEN founded by the late Tadahiko Hoshi (former Honorary Chairman) in Chofu City, Tokyo, and commenced sales of audio equipment.*
Changed the NITTO INC. trade name and business direction to form DAIICHIKOSHO CO., LTD., in Nakano City, Tokyo, and commenced the commercial karaoke business.
Commenced sales of the Play Sound "TD-201" 8-track karaoke system and the "A Series" of karaoke tapes.
Oct. 1978
Formed COSMO CO., LTD., (currently SHIZUOKA DAIICHIKOSHO CO., LTD., ) in Hachioji City, Tokyo, as the first sales subsidiary in Japan (as of the end of March 2022, we have 23 domestic subsidiaries).
Established the Tokyo Branch Office in Nakano City, Tokyo, as our first sales center for the karaoke equipment retail and leasing business (as of the end of March 2022, we have 49 direct business offices).
Established the Nagoya corporate sales office in Nagoya City, Aichi, as our first center in the karaoke equipment wholesale business (as of the end of March 2022, we have 8 corporate sales offices).
Relocated to a newly constructed head office building in Nakano-ku, Tokyo (current Tokyo Branch)
May. 1983
Commenced sales of the "LD-V10" laser disc (LD) karaoke system.
Commenced sales of the "CDK-4000" compact disc (CD) karaoke system.
Founded DK FINANCE CO., LTD., in Nakano City, Tokyo as a financial subsidiary.
Oct. 1986
Commenced sales of the "LC-V30" LD karaoke system with auto-changer function.
Founded Daiichi Kosho U.S.A. Inc. in New York City as an overseas subsidiary (as of the end of March 2022, we have 2 overseas subsidiaries).
Established the first karaoke room "BIG ECHO" Futamatase in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka (561 stores as of March 31, 2022).
Relocated to a newly constructed head office building in Shinaga-ku, Tokyo.
Commenced sales of the "DVK-2000" CD karaoke system using video compression (DV-I).
Oct. 1993
Commenced sales of the "CDK-7F" VCD karaoke system using video compression (VCD).
Apr. 1994
Commenced sales of the "DAM-6400" online karaoke system and also began distribution of online karaoke sound source (MIDI).
Sep. 1995
Stock shares listed with Japan Securities Dealers Association.
May. 1996
Issued first unsecured convertible bonds.
Participated in multi-channel satellite digital broadcast service "PerfecTV!" (currently "SKY PerfecTV!"), and started broadcasting business.
Commenced ringtone service for mobile phones.
Commenced Internet streaming karaoke service "karaoke@DAM".
Commenced the "DK ELDER SYSTEM" sales of content useful for health maintenance and preventive care of elderly people.
The shareholding ratio increased due to the additional acquisition of shares, and made the record label NIPPON CROWN Co., Ltd. a subsidiary. (as of the end of March 2022, we have 8 music software subsidiaries).
Acquired all shares of Tokuma Japan Communications Co., Ltd., a record label subsidiary of Tokuma Group, to make it a subsidary.
Acquired all shares of Tri-M, Inc., music software company, to make it a subsidiary.
Canceled over-the-counter registration with the Japan Securities Dealers Association and listed with JASDAQ Securities Exchange.
Commenced karaoke user community service "DAM★TOMO".
Apr. 2010
Upon the merger of JASDAQ Securities Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange, listed with Osaka Securities Exchange JASDAQ.
Acquired all shares of BESTA FOODS, INC., which developed the karaoke gastropub chain MATSURI ITCHO, to make it a subsidiary of the Group.
Absorption-type merger with BESTA FOODS, INC.
Jul. 2012
Issued first and second unsecured corporate bonds.
Upon the merger of Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange, listed with Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ (Standard).
Acquired all shares of ADVAN CO., LTD., and GOLD CO., LTD., operators of "KARAOKE BANANA CLUB" at locations around the Shikoku region as a subsidiary.
Merged with ADVAN CO., LTD. and GOLD CO., LTD.
Listed to the First Section, Tokyo Stock Exchange,Inc.
Acquired all shares of Airside Co., Ltd., operator of "KARAOKE MAC" in the Tokyo area, as a subsidiary.
Changed the listed market to the Prime Market in accordance with the restructuring of market classifications of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

*Formerly, DAIICHIKOSHO had a privately managed business known as HOSHI SHOTEN. It was founded in March 1971 in Chofu City, Tokyo, as a distributor of audio equipment. The business expanded substantially, and in February 1976, we took over an inactive company called NITTO INC. (founded in April 1973), and changed the business objectives and the name to DAIICHIKOSHO CO., LTD., and began business as a corporation.

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