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The DAIICHIKOSHO Group is working to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are implementing a range of measures to ensure karaoke remains fun while prioritizing the safety of our customers and employees.

・Hygiene management

▶Hygiene management and checks

We rigorously enforce hygiene standards to ensure customers receive safe, dependable products and services. We implement the following measures at all our locations, in addition to regular hygiene checks.
Intestinal bacteria testing for all employees: Twice a year (four times a year for restaurant employees)
Site inspections by area managers: Twice a year
Kitchen hygiene checks by specialist contractors: Twice a year

・ Safety checks
During twice-yearly site inspections, area managers check fire prevention systems, evacuation routes and kitchen equipment to ensure the safety of customers and employees.

・ Fire drills (twice a year)
Working with fire departments, we regularly conduct drills on reporting, extinguishing and evacuating from fires.

・ New business activities for life with COVID-19

New function allows singing with masks on
We introduced a new karaoke machine function in September 2020 in response to the new realities of the pandemic.
The function makes voices clearer, allowing customers to keep their masks on while singing to prevent the spread of infection, without affecting their enjoyment of karaoke.

Virtual restaurants (delivery-only stores)
We are developing a wide range of delivery-only restaurants, which allow customers to enjoy the genuine flavors of chef-prepared meals in their own homes. Going forward, we aim to attract new customers by making effective use of kitchen facilities at existing restaurants to provide food services that meet customer needs.

BIG ECHO at home
Popular items from BIG ECHO's food and drink menu are available for delivery.

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