We are taking steps to prevent global warming and create a recycling-oriented society as part of efforts to reduce our impact on the environment.

■Reducing the use of paper

At the highest point, DAIICHIKOSHO used 7,800 tons of paper each year to publish music guides for karaoke customers. Aiming to reduce our impact on the environment, we were the first company in the industry to develop a karaoke machine remote control device with an integrated digital music guide. We started selling the devices in 2002.
The devices have become very popular, with total sales exceeding more than 1.4 million units as of June 30, 2021. The wide uptake of the devices has seen a steep drop in the volume of paper needed to publish physical music guides, from a peak level of around 7,800 tons annually to zero today.

Amount of paper used for physical music guides

Physical music guides
Remote control device with integrated digital music guide

■Environmental measures at karaoke rooms and restaurants

We are installing LED lighting at BIG ECHO karaoke rooms as part of efforts to reduce CO2 emissions.
We have also switched to recycled toilet paper at all BIG ECHO karaoke rooms and restaurants to help create a recycling-oriented society.
We ended the use of plastic straws at all BIG ECHO locations from October 2019 as part of efforts to protect the environment. For beverage items that require straws, we provide PLA biodegradable alternatives*. As a result, we expect to prevent the disposal of roughly 15.74 million plastic straws each year.
*Environmentally-friendly straws made from recyclable plant-based (biomass) material that can be completely broken down by bacteria and composted.

LED signage
LED lights are used in karaoke room signage
*Excluding some locations

Recycled toilet paper is used in karaoke room toilets
Recycled toilet paper

Plastic straws no longer provided
To protect the environment, we no longer provide plastic straws
*Biodegradable alternatives provided for beverages that require straws

*BIG ECHO includes sub-brands such as Karaoke Mac

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